A Visit to Family…

We flew to DC on Thursday to spend the weekend with Torey, Kerry, Miss H and Kerry’s dad Ron and see their new house. The first thing we did on arrival was drive to Annapolis to meet Leigh for dinner. We had a good dinner and it was fun to catch up on all the newlywed news. Chip was traveling for work so we did not get to see him.

We had a fun time and their new house is wonderful. It’s nice for them to have space for every thing and every one.

Hadley, Torey, Kerry and Ron in front of house

We spent a lot of time on Friday and Saturday at nearby parks. Miss H is a real fan of parks and playing at them seems to be one of her favorite activities. Of course that also means the rest of us have to take part in playtime.

Starting up the wall

Half way there

A little help at the top

Miss H loves to climb so we spent time at the climbing wall while she made several ascents. She still needs a little help at the very top, but it won’t be long before we will be hearing, “don’t help…I can do it myself.”

Nana goes for a ride

Family time

Watching geese

She is great at the park and will entertain herself or find a friend and occasionally yell “look at me.”

Kathy and I also got to spend time at Trader Joes, which is a treat for us since we have nothing like that near us here in Vermont. It was also fun to watch Miss H with her own little “Customer in Training Cart.”

We had a great visit and will be back to see them in early January.

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