Thanksgiving and More…

Thanksgiving came with the usual turkey meal and all that goes with it including that “I ate too much” feeling. It also was a time to remember with gratitude this past year of transition. Last week we were able to travel to Virginia and Maryland to visit family. Family was the reason we pulled up stakes in South Dakota and moved east and we are very happy to be seeing everyone more frequently. We also have a place for old friends to come visit and hopefully many of our South Dakota friends will venture east for a visit as well. Our plans are to return to SD for a visit in late spring next year.

We were joined for dinner by Neil and Lori who provided the appetizers and a wonderful squash dish. We cooked the turkey and prepared the stuffing. The turkey was a 16.5 pound fresh one from our CSA folks and the stuffing recipe was found in the magazine Eating Well. It consisted of leeks, sweet sausage, pecans, cherries, wild rice and some spices and was a real hit. We also made a rub for the turkey and cranberry sauce from the same issue and they all were hits that we would do again. There was also an apple pie served with vanilla ice cream because I don’t like pumpkin or mince…

The bird

We had a great dinner, a wonderful visit with the kids and a nice after dinner walk under a bright moon.

We have skipped all the shopping madness and have just stayed home and enjoyed ourselves the last few days. On Saturday I did take time out to make a giant pot of 15 bean soup with ham hocks and served with a good warm bread. It made a great dinner for a cold, snowy day. There is enough for several more dinners or lunches which is great since it means less cooking. Yes, I did say cold and snowy…

Our new look

Now that winter is here and the leaves are gone we can see more of the rock walls and other images of the yard that we could not see in the fall. We find the clump of Birch trees growing out of an old stump to be pretty unusual.

Clump in the trunk

Walkway trough the rock walls

Of course, with the leaves gone we can also see our neighbors which have been hidden until now.

A bright spot in the yard

A look down the drive

As I mentioned above, it snowed most of yesterday and last night. We only got about 2 inches of snow, but it was enough to give us a Christmas look…

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