It’s Starting to Look a Lot Like Christmas…

Our yard tonight

We have had snow flurries for the last few days and today it has snowed all day. Not a lot of snow, but by now we have about 4 inches or more on the ground and it is still coming down.

We have been working on decorating the house for Christmas and having the snow covered ground certainly makes it feel more festive. We have had an artificial Christmas tree for years and when we left SD we gave the old one away. It had served us for about 20 years so it was time. We purchased a new one the other day and now have it up and decorated.

The new one

We have also hung stockings by the chimney with care and done some other decorating as well.

Several years ago Kathy bid on a Christmas quilt at a silent auction fundraiser in Lead, SD and she had the high bid so we now have it to display also.

Our Christmas Quilt

And of course, Christmas means you must have lights on the outside. We are not near as decorated here as we were in SD, but give me a few years and it will happen.

The front of the house

Below are photos of the Lake Elmore, one taken in October and one from Tuesday.

Lake Elmore in October

Lake Elmore on Tuesday

You can clearly tell by the sharp contrast between the two pictures that the seasons have changed.

Now, I will bore you with one more picture taken the other night as the full moon became visible through the trees in front of the house.

Through the trees

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