Merry Christmas from “Littleville”

When we lived in a small town in SD the people there went all out to decorate for Christmas and this included the town itself. They hung lights across Main Street, decorated the light poles and had a city Christmas tree. Of course small town is a relative term. Lead, SD has a population of around 2,600 and we are now in a town of around 800, but the town still hangs decorations. The roughly 800 people are spread out in the close to 40 square miles that are within the town boundaries. As you maybe can see in the picture below there may not be a lot of them, but they do decorate, and the power poles do have wreaths.

Elmore Vermont

Elmore Vermont

You have to look carefully, but there are three decorations hanging from the power line over the street. People have decorated their houses along our road although since houses in our area are spread out instead of being side by side, it does not look the same. It is fun to drive along in the dark and see Christmas lights shining through the trees from houses set far back from the road.

We have had some snow lately. One day last week it snowed about 4 inches and the next day it rained all day making for a sloppy mess. It has snowed most of today and we now have about three inches of new snow and it is still coming down. The video link below is for all of you who would like to have a white Christmas, but live were that does not happen or where the weather refuses to allow one…so enjoy a little snow…

If the link is not working, just paste it into your browser.

We also had a rainbow during our snow the other day. The winters I spent in SD allowed me to see several snow rainbows while working at Terry Peak, but it is still a neat sight.

Rainbow over Mount Elmore

Rainbow over Mount Elmore

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