I Got a Gift…

Kathy got me a present the other week. Maybe she thought I was bored and needed more to do, or maybe I’m under foot too much or maybe I’ve been whining about being bored, but regardless of the reason she bought me a present and I love it.


We have a plow service for the driveway and parking area, but after a while the snow is piled up and there is no room for more. I can now use the snow blower to move the edge of the piles back making room for more snow to be plowed up. It seems like there will be no end to the snow since it has snowed every few days for what seems like forever. Of course blowing the pile back does not get rid of the snow so when this will melt away come spring, if it comes, is anyones guess.

The other day we saw a large orange ball in the sky and after watching it for a while we remembered what it was that we were looking at…it was the sun. After days of not seeing it one tends to forget that it does actually exist. Vermont is tied with Washington State for the fewest clear days in the country. They each have 58 clear, as in no clouds, days a year. The sun shine is one of the things we really have missed since moving here. Living in south Dakota spoiled us…they have an average of 104 sunny days a year and in the winter if it is not snowing the sun is out.

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1 Response to I Got a Gift…

  1. Dave says:

    wow that is a lot of snow, here we can even see bare patches on the south side of the hill almost all snow melted in the yard. Spring is here haven’t you seen the Easter bunny’s out running around.

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