My summer job…that is not really work…

Since mid May I have been working for the Vermont Department of Forestry, Parks and Recreation at Green river Reservoir state Park. The park has 30 campsites which are accessible only by canoe or kayak and 19 miles of shoreline.

Early Morning

Early Morning

A good portion of our work is to check and clean campsites and to interact with our guest. This is a carry in and carry out park so most of the time there is very little to clean up. most of our guest are familiar with the park and do a really good job of “leave no trace camping”. Now with no roads or trails, the way we get to the sites is by canoe or kayak which means we get to spend a good part of each day on the reservoir. Yes, we are paid to spend the day doing what our guest pay to do…paddle around and enjoy the day. On rainy days we stay around the campground office.

state kayak

Above is a picture of my “Company Vehicle”

View of the lake

View of the lake

landing 26

Above is a view of the boat landing at one of our campsites.

View from my new kayak

View from my new kayak

Kathy and I bought a canoe last fall and this year we added a kayak to our fleet. I usually just leave it in the truck and that way I have it at work if I want to paddle in my own boat. It has been a wonderful summer here at the park and we are now headed into the fall which should be spectacular here in the park. my season ends in mid October and I do hope to work here again next summer.

Another part of working for the State Park System is the chance to camp there. Kathy and I along with Neil and Lori took advantage of that perk not long ago and along with Buddy spent the weekend on an island campsite. And yes, we took Buddy by canoe and he did fine. We have had him in the boat several times and so far he has stayed in the boat.

Kathy, Neil, Lori and Buddy

Kathy, Neil, Lori and Buddy

Of course, primitive camping includes using the bathroom and here at Green River we have great accommodations…

Composting Toilet with a view...

Composting Toilet with a view…


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