What Was That…

It was a cold, dark and snowy night and I had just settled down for a long winters nap when I heard such a clatter (might have borrowed this line from another story)…it started with a loud and long rumble and then the whole house shook. As I woke up, my first thought was earthquake, but we don’t usually get ones here that you can really feel so I started to look around and discovered that it was a giant snow slide off of the roof.

We have raked the roof several times this winter, but our rake will not reach the last few feet of roof just below the ridgeline and by this point we probably had a ban of snow around three feet high and running the length of the roof. It was warm (over 32) yesterday and sunny (yes I said sunny)and that allowed the roof to warm up and eventually the snow cut loose and slide down.

What was left this morning

What was left this morning

Pile on front deck

Pile on front deck

View from front door

View from front door

Of course this has left us with a lot of snow to move from the front deck and a little at the edge of the roof to pull off. We have the same ridge of snow on the back side of the roof, but it does not get as much sun as the front so when it will slide is anybody’s guess.

Oh well, just all part of the joy of living in the “Far Frozen Northland”.

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1 Response to What Was That…

  1. Dardinski, Tricia says:

    Glad you weren’t snowed in. It is always fun to hear about your adventures.

    Love you,

    Tricia Dardinski

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