We Have a Gardener…


The prize...

The prize…

garden1 - Copy (2)

And I am not it. Kathy is our Chief Gardener Officer and has done a fabulous job with our garden this year. I have helped some with the heavy lift work such as fence building, compost spreading and dirt turning, but she really has done the majority of the work. She has purchased, planted and picked along with pulling weeds. She does have a helper, it is Charlie (aka Killer Cat). His job is to take care of rodents, rabbits and robins and he is very dedicated to his job.

We have rhubarb, asparagus, tomatoes, leeks, onions, garlic, beans, radishes, several kinds of lettuce and many varieties of squash. We also have blue berries and raspberries in another garden.

old garden 2 - Copy - Copy old garden 1 - Copy (2) new garden - Copy (2)

In addition to the vegetable garden we also have a lot of landscaping to keep up with and again Kathy does most of the weeding and trimming. I do cut the yard most of the time (she has also done some of this) and we share the weed whacking.

This property requires a lot more work than we realized when we purchased it, but it is worth it in the long run. When we bought it we were happy that it was well landscaped and thought that meant most of the work was over, but we were wrong. There is a ton of weeding trimming and clearing to keep up with. Having a truck has helped because it allows us to buy mulch and compost by the yard instead of the bag and to haul loads of yard waste to the dump.

y-front2 y-front1 y-deck2 y-deck1 y-back2 - Copy tower1 - Copy y-back1 - Copy

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