Elena’s Big Days…

bd6 candle

Granddaughter Elena turned one on November 19th so Neil and Lori had a party for her. There were about 14 adults and a whole herd of kids.

Chilling with Papa Ross

Chilling with Papa Ross

bd8 cake3

It was a great and well-behaved party.

Elena also had her first real Thanksgiving day dinner complete with turkey and stuffing. Neil spatchcocked the turkey (similar to butterflied) and Lori made a wonderful cornbread sausage stuffing, turnip and white bean mash, and turkey gravy. Ross cooked brussels sprouts with garlic and red pepper flakes, Kathy made the cranberry sauce with star anise and a squash pie. Lori also made a yummy and pretty apple gallette with whipped cream.

tg2 tg4


tg9 tg10

In another first, Elena has been walking while holding on to someone’s hand, the coffee table or a push toy for a while but after dinner we were all amazed when she turned loose of the coffee table and walked about four feet to the chair her mother was sitting in. It was a very fun Thanksgiving!

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