I Have Found My Place In Life…

Throughout our lives many of us ponder what our purpose or place in life is…and I have found mine.

a-dog ballball boy

It is not what I thought it would be, it is not some lofty goal or a life filled with good deeds. I, apparently, was meant to be a”Boy Toy”…and not in the usual definition or sense of the phrase. I am a “Boy Toy” for an over active Springer Spaniel (aka Buddy) and he knows my place in life. I am the yard walker, the  game player and the ball tosser. Chasing tennis balls launched from the ball chunker is his favorite activity. In good weather we do this 4 to 6 times a day with 20 to 30 chunks each session. He averages about 120 yards round trip per toss which adds up to between 2400 to 3600 yards per session and this means he runs well over a mile per session. It’s not a bad job in good weather, but as I type this with an outside temperature around 2 degrees I think of what it takes to do this in the winter, layers of clothes, face mask and snow goggles and of course we do not do it as often or as long in this weather, but we still do it. We also play inside games with various toys and work on his command skills, us to him…him to us…his to us are clearly understood. We know what he wants when he drops a ball or his dinner bowl in our lap. He will also bring us his bone in the evening when it is time for it to be stuffed with peanut butter.  Another adventure for him in the winter is the leash walk. I try to take him on two a night during the frozen season and Kathy and I try to walk the neighborhood 3 to 4 times a week with him. He has a great life and we…well, we enjoy being his toy…



So, if you have ever thought of being a “Boy Toy” be careful, very careful what you wish for.

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1 Response to I Have Found My Place In Life…

  1. Betty says:

    A slave to our masters.

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