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A Covered Bridge Tour…

While our friends Marjory and Jim from Maryland were visiting for a week we took a loop ride to see some of Vermont’s covered bridges… Seeing these bridges that w had not seen before made for a fun day , … Continue reading

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My Summer Work…

I am spending my second summer working for the Vermont State Parks and am once again back at Green River Reservoir State Park. This is a great park to work at since it allows me to spend 20 to 25 … Continue reading

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It Just Never Stops…

I am a lover of snow, at least I used to be when we lived in South Dakota. Here in Vermont I am changing in to one of those people who is not so fond of it. Our property here requires … Continue reading

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A Trip to The Warm…

Kathy and I just spent a week in San Antonio, Texas, so that we could  warm up and thaw out. This is the second year we have visited this area as part of our “Get Warm Program.” We were joined again … Continue reading

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Please Help Me…I’m Frozen…

It as been along and cold winter and we still have a way to go. The good part is that we have not had as much snow, at least not yet, as we did last winter and we get way … Continue reading

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Of Things That Go Bump In The Night…and Day

Several days before Christmas we starting hearing strange booms and bumps that occurred both day and night. One night I thought it was the cat jumping down from the kitchen counter, but realized he was curled up next to me and the … Continue reading

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A Visit To The Grandkids…and The Kids of Course…

After my summer State Park job ended Kathy and I loaded up the trailer and traveled through 6 states (VT, NY, NJ, DE, MD & VA to see our grand children and their families. As most of you know Leigh and … Continue reading

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