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It’s Almost Gone…

The snow is almost gone and most of the yard is clear. Being able to move around the yard is nice, but it is not all fun and games. We have apple trees that have not been pruned in at … Continue reading

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Ugly Is A Good Thing…Until It Goes Away…

It is, or at least it was mud season here in Vermont for a few days. The rain and high temps took care of a lot of our snow and this results in the “Ugly Season” or as most call … Continue reading

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There Is A Light At The End of The Tunnel…Or Is That A Deck At The End of The Path…

Mud season has arrived and we hope it is here to stay until the big melt is done. We are having days in the 50s and one even hit the low 60s. Our nights have been above freezing so melting … Continue reading

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It’s Not Gone Yet…But There Is Hope…

We have had a few days, yes days which here in Vermont is rare, of sun and have had temps in the 40s and one day we actually hit 50 so maybe the big melt down has started. Although, as … Continue reading

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It May Be Spring…But It Is Not Right…It’s Just Not Right…It’s Not…

It may be spring, at least according to the calendar and all the ads from the garden centers, but living here you would not know it. We had two feet of snow last weekend and have had several snows since then, … Continue reading

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It Just Never Stops…

I am a lover of snow, at least I used to be when we lived in South Dakota. Here in Vermont I am changing in to one of those people who is not so fond of it. Our property here requires … Continue reading

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A helping hand for Mother Nature…

Early Wednesday morning the snow guns on the Hill were fired up to begin the long and slightly complicated process of making snow for the ski runs. This is an early start compared to last year when the temps were not … Continue reading

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Snows past…

We had about 6 inches of snow yesterday and are expecting another 6 to 8 inches on Sunday. Since many of you readers live in the mid-atlantic area and consider 6 inches of snow to be a lot, I thought … Continue reading

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What do cats do when it snows?

The answer is in the pictures below.  Our cats will go out in the snow, but don’t stay long. That doesn’t stop them from hoping that when they go out again 5 minutes later that it will be different. After … Continue reading

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